Report On Library based activities (Art competition, storytelling and quiz competition) 2013

To create joyful environment in school for reading, make creative learners and self readers’ school library is necessary. School library helps to bring the quality education. Various activities like story reading, storytelling, quiz, art competition enhanced to the students reading capacity and the students fell encourage to reading. In this regards various activities were arranged by the School Management Committee (SMC) and facilitated by Jhanjira Samaj Kallyan Sangstha (JSKS) with the supported by Plan International Bangladesh.


In October’13 we have completed library based activities in 20 SIP schools. In every school all students of grade pre-five attained various activities. In grade pre-two students attained the art competition, all students of grade three and four attained storytelling and grade five students attained quiz competition. From every class 04 students win. In every school 24 students got the prize. In 20 schools total 480 students got the prize.

It was held in a festive mood. In the event day 1st half various competitions held and in 2nd half was the prize giving ceremony. It was the whole day event and the event arranged by the SMC where the student council played a vital role for moderating the event. A part of this parents and Union Parisad Education committee with Chairman also participated and encouraged the students.

At the end of the event, Murshida Akhtar – grade III – student of Jaganathpur GPS said,“ In my life firstly I have told the story in font of others. Next time I will join in every event.”

Plabon – grade V – student of Jaganathpur GPS said,“ It is a different event , I enjoyed it.”

Mr. Brojendro Nath Singho – Head teacher of Tarakshaharhat GPS said,“ I cannot believe that students have this kind of potentialities. I am really pleased for seeing their participation and happiness.”

Mr. Md. Razaul Islam, SMC president of Dakhin Alokdihi GPS said, “ Thanks JSKS as well as Plan for supporting school library including various activities. It is really a nice event. Through this students will encouraged for reading and it is helpful for showing students quality. Next time we the SMC members contribute more.”

Mr. Md. Tariqul Islam Union Parisad Chairman of Alokdihi Union said, “ I am really surprised that the students moderate the session in font of us and the students tells the story in present of their parents and others without any hesitation. I am impressed for seeing this. Thanks JSKS and Plan for supporting schools. He also said that it should be for every school’’.

Prepared by: Jaytsana Rani Sardar, TC-PE