JSKS conducted School debate competition on March 31, 2015

Most of women’s work is considered household work without any monetary remuneration and therefore not valued. The existing definition of work counts only activities undertaken in anticipation of economic return. Since there is no economic return that means women do not work. Non-recognition and undervaluation leads to the inferior status of women at home and outside. JSKS strongly believes that women are making great contribution in every sector yet do not get the dignity and respect they deserve.

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To explore the authenticity in this regard, JSKS has conducted School debate competition today at Ghoshpur High School Hall room. The subject matter of this debate competition is ‘Recognition of monetary value of women’s household works can increase their dignity’. There were participate two teams; Ranipur High School versus Ghoshpur High School. The position of Ranipur High School’s team was in favor of the subject matter and Ghoshpur High School was opponent.

Three debaters of Ranipur High School were Razia Sultana, Rishad Islam and team leader Md. Moniruzzaman and other three debaters of Ghoshpur High School were Md. Khalekuzzaman, Zahid Hasan and team leader Arnika Farzana (Aankhee).

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The program was presided by Md. Azizul Islam, Head teacher of Ghoshpur High School; The Ceief guest was Mustafa Kamal, Executive Director, JSKS. The debate function has raised lot of information and the debate went lively. Hundreds of general students, teachers, and other guests enjoyed the debate competition.

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Ranipur High School is winner and the best debater is Md. Moniruzzaman and the runner up Arnika Farzana (Aankhee) of Ghoshpur High School.