Material Development Workshop’15 for SBK & Pre-primary


  • To enhance skill development for play & corner material making.
  • To learn how to prepare low cost play materials through using local raw and junk materials in local level for their children.
  • Participants feel the value of play materials for child development.
  • To enhance communities ownership on the ECCD program.

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We have completed material development workshop for 150 SBKs & 35 Pre-primaries of Chirirbandar Upazila (6 Unions) for CY’2015. MDWs were organized daylong per batch centrally based. There was total 10 batches material development workshops 02 for Pre-schools & 08 for SBKs. Total 294 participants (19 male & 275 female) were actively participated at different venues. Each workshop day long start from 9:30am to 4:30pm held on 26 February’15 and ending 12 March’15. All participants were come from 21 villages in Chirirbandar Upazila. In workshops participated the concern SBK’s facilitators, pre-school teachers, community learning resource persons (CLRP), resource trainers (RT), DAC Plan International Bangladesh, VDC, SMC & CMC members. Material development workshops organized & facilitated by JSKS and assisted by VDC.

Outcome of the Workshops:

  • Participants and community people have learned how to prepare play materials for their children by junk & raw material.
  • Participants enhance skill develop for play materials make by junk and raw materials.
  • Lots of play materials are developed in that 10 batches workshops (08 for SBK & 02 for PP).
  • VDC, SMC & CMC persons provided physical voluntary service for material development workshop (full day). So, they feel ownership on ECCD interventions.
  • Participant’s enjoyed those activities.
  • Participants and community people understand the important of play materials.


After ending the workshop huge numbers of play materials have been produce / developed. Ending the workshops all materials have been distributed to 150 SBK facilitators and 35 pre-primary teachers.