Shishu Bikash Kendra (SBK) Center Based Material Development Ceremony by Parents

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With the leadership of Center Management Committee (CMC) members and supported by Plan International Bangladesh, JSKS facilitate SBK canter based material development ceremony for 163 SBKs. It was started from 26th July’15 and ended 19 September’15. There were total 2514 participants participated (Male-113 & Female-2401). All participants came from 163 SBK’s casement area at Tatulia, Nasratpur, Satnala, Saintara, Alokdihi & Abdulpur Unions in Chirirbandar Upazila. Various stakeholders were also present in those workshops. There were present 1145 parents, 701 Centre Management Committee (CMC) members, 37 VDC members, 22 School teacher and SMC members, 05 UP members, 604 resource persons (Community Learning Resource Persons (CLRP), RT-ECCD, PC, TO, TC-ECCD and SBK Facilitators).

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Before starting the workshop, children of SBK performed their progress through reciting rhymes with acting, song with dance, storytelling etc. After child performance, workshop starts at 10:30 am and finished at 12:30 pm. Participants and parents bring raw and junk materials like old cloth, small peace cloth, jute, foam, nut’s leaf (Shupari gacher khol), bamboo and soil made different thinks from their home. At first they shared their idea and expertise. After then they start works and developed different types of play materials from raw & junk materials. After ending the workshop huge numbers of play materials have been produced / developed in those workshops. At the end of workshop all developed materials were given to SBK’s facilitators for conducting the SBK class.  



  • To learn how to prepare low cost play materials through using local raw and junk materials in local level for their children.
  • To feel the value of play materials for child development.
  • To enhance community participation & fell ownership for SBK.
  • To develop self-confidence of community people to implement SBK.

Outcome of the Workshops:

  • Participants and community people have learned how to prepare play materials for their children by using junk & raw material.
  • Enhanced skill to the participants for making  play materials by junk and raw materials.
  • Lots of play materials are developed in those workshops.
  • Participants feel ownership to SBK.
  • Participants enjoyed those workshops and they are happy to participate in these activities.
  • Participants and community people understood the importance of play materials for child development.