Workshop on “Peace and Tolerance : Role of Local Government”

JSKS organized workshop with Local Government with a view to:

  1. To review/re-visit the roles and responsibilities of UP in general, and Members of the selected Standing Committee of Union Parishad in particular, and identify gap between actual needs and existing practices and their roles & responsibilities;
  2. To capture the knowledge of the participants about different type of Violence and extremism.
  3. To determine the possibilities of outbreak of violent extremism with their possible sources.
  4. To measure the level of in-house capacity of UP to handle such phenomenon, along with their level of preparation in terms of resources, manpower and instrument in the event there is an outbreak of violent extremism.
  5. To discuss and help them come up with suggestions as to how individually, and collectively, they can play efficacious role in addressing these issues in order that such phenomenon can be trimmed off in the bud.