Coronavirus has spread all over the world and due to densely populated country Bangladesh is in more risky situation. However the Government of Bangladesh were announced closedown all the public and private offices since March 26, 2020 which has been continuing till now and may this closedown will remain May 2020. The Army has been started assisting to local administration to ensuring social distancing and implementing other precautionary measures. People have also been advised not go out their home unless they need to collect food, medicines or receive treatment. All of transport has been closed like Bus, Train, Airlines even any communication all over the Bangladesh. 

Like other areas Dinajpur also gone through a huge crisis due to the world wide Corona, COVID 19 Pandemic which has infected almost 2,478,153 people and caused death of 170,324 and recovered 651,503 (information dated 21st April 2020). And in Bangladesh total infected 2948, death 101 (information date 21st April 2020).

Dinajpur district is situated at the north-west part of Bangladesh and the people are equally affected and lives and livelihoods of millions have been disrupted. The vulnerable marginalized youth/groups, informal workers, daily earnings women & youth, person with disabilities are all affected as this is having a serious economic impact in our areas. The District Administration also circulated a notice on last 11th April 2020 and the summery of this notice is Locked Down until next notice.

The local communities are following the Government rules and basically the people are in Locked Down. The Law enforcing agencies are continuing their duties and tried to create awareness among the community. JSKS also creating awareness through publication of 5000 copy Leaflets and we have distributed in our working areas through our Youth Forum.

Our working area are located at rural area and due to non-industrial area maximum are day laborer, VAN & Auto Driver, Hotel Labor, Bus/Truck labor small holder are facing lot of problem and already some people participated in movement for food support in different places in Dinajpur like other areas of Bangladesh.

Many organizations are working in our working Unions but none of organization take part in relief operation and awareness raising activities also. Only JSKS has been taken initiatives for raising awareness and food distribution.

Consideration the situation JSKS printed Leaflets and distributed of Emergency Food Package (1 Package consisting of 7 Kg. Rice, 3 Kg. Potato, 1 Kg. Pulse/Dal, 2 Detergent Soap)  Food support for COVID 19 affected population.