Message from the Executive Director

It is my pleasure that JSKS explored it’s windows in front of all flourishing and giving a glance of the organization at best. We like to – Welcome all to our website. It is remembering the period of early initiation of a March on towards lives that was 1983, a group of youth and mid aged men and women had been involved in various Socio-cultural and peoples’ welfare program and gradually their effort turned into developmental organization and thus today’s JSKS. JSKS- the humanitarian organization has been accumulated its wide-ranging venture for marginalized discriminated people especially for women and children from the earliest of its establishment. We have been past a lot of crucial moment yet, we have a strong existence in the competitive age. Honesty, humanity and true desire to set up effectual development paradigm are our main capital to march on forward. It is renowned as active & potential development organizations especially for the people who are struggling with their meager livelihood and mendacity. JSKS, the democratic and people oriented voluntary Organization past away tri-decades with some new dimensional creation, which are effective, potential and the best bolster for the marginalized, discriminated and under privileged people. By the commitment of JSKS’s staffs & the all consents JSKS has successfully overcome the decades. It has been possible for the struggle, sacrifice and dedication of all colleagues, members of all Executive and General Committee. We want to thanks to all for the glorious achievement for their kinetic supports. It is our best pride & we think it should be proud of all who are involved with directly or indirectly. At this moment we optimistically want to be more determined to attain the JSKS’ vision. In order to maintain the quality the JSKS developed managed and practices several compliances and also powered the process. We inspired to present ourselves at best beyond the limitations on this website to share, seeking feed back and important opinion from all and anyone can seek information respect to the ‘Information Discloser Policy’ of JSKS accordingly. At this moment we remember all my colleagues at present and past. Thanks for all.  Now JSKS operating numbers of programs by the sincere support of various national/international partners. We the JSKS team highly acknowledged and grateful to all those who were expanding their resourceful hand and intellectual to accomplish the huge activities of JSKS’s programs. It will be unfinished if we unable to note few name those who were providing their endless assistance are still with us and not alive. Thanks with the best regards. Mustafa Kamal Executive Director