Governance Structure

Management of JSKS:

A General Body called General Council (GC) governs JSKS. General Body elects Executive Committee (EC). EC provides policy, manuals, guidelines etc. The Executive Director (ED) guides the team members/ staff in order to implement the day to day activities of the organization.

Management Structure:

JSKS are continuing its operation through an active General Council consisting of some dedicated members. The General Council elects an Executive Committee is elected by the GC and Executive Director of the organization as a member secretary. EC is elects for three years period, constitutionally the ED is the Member Secretary of the EC and GC are mainly responsible to operate the organization and its program smoothly. The EC members are sit in the meeting on monthly basis to monitor the progress of its program.

Organogram of JSKS:


General Council:

The General Council is the highest decision making body of JSKS. A group of committed professionals are contributing their intellectual here in JSKS since very long with a strong background in both academic as well as length of service. Behind JSKS, there are 36 members in general council who are the supreme authority of the organization. . Generally the GC sit at least four times in general meeting where a discussion held about different policy documents, budgeting, audit and all activities of the year. If emergency they may sit in a meeting at any time. The members of the general council are involved in different social development activities.

Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee (EC) of JSKS consisting of 09 members (presently female 2, male 7) who are elected for every 03 years by general council. Executive Committee is mainly responsible to operate the organization and its program smoothly. The EC members are sited in the meeting on monthly basis to monitor the progress of its program. Mainly all of the policies implementation, consultancy services for existing program operation, any amendment of existing policies, guide to develop and approve of various need base project proposal, appointed external audit farm, annual budget and expenditure approval, immediate address to any organizational problems is the regular duty of the EC. This is completely voluntary service.

Executive Director:

Executive Director/Member Secretary will expedite all activities of the JSKS. He will be responsible to declare meeting date, activities selection and keeping record in the meeting minutes. He will supervise, monitor and evaluate all activities of the organization. He has authority to recruit all project /program employee, staff assessment/evaluation and termination through consultation with chairman. He will be responsible to implement all manuals of the organization.

The Executive Director will present yearly income and expenditure in the GC meeting and will prepare yearly budget with the help of accounts department. He will be taking care of all organizational assets (Kinds and Cash). Besides these he will make communication and agreement with government / non-government and donor agencies.

He will expense according to the organizational budget and will endorse signature in all vouchers (cost and revenue) regular basis. The ED will be serving regularly and get honorarium or salary accordingly. He will be act as a member secretary of GC and EC. The position of the post of the organization is entitled as a permanent post so no election to be held against this position. The Executive Director (ED) is accountable to the Executive Committee (EC) and the EC are accountable to the general Council (GC) of JSKS.

Also JSKS’s development programs, like to enhance massive supports for the optimistic men and women, their children and their communities through extending development shower. JSKS’s mandate is to render support those who like to enter decent life from abject poverty through penetrating poverty line with dignity by challenging the frantic time and untoward forces around in the society.