Livelihoods Improvement for Climate Change Resilience


Implemented by Jhanjira Samaj Kallyan Sangshtha (JSKS)
Supported by Palli Karma Shahaok Foundation
Duration From July 2013 to June 2016

JSKS has been going on with the development initiatives and interventions for pro-poor relating to livelihoods, Food security, environment, DRM and climate change last 12 years. CCCP is a national climate change adaptation project that aims to enhance the capacity of selected communities to increase their resilience to the impacts of climate change obeying the compliance, rules and policies of BCCSAP, BCCRF, JSKS would like to implement a sub project named LICCR Project under CCCP, contributing to achieve the goal and objectives of CCCP. JSKS designed this project to work covering CCCP Pillar-I (One) food security, social protection and health as well as partial covers the other two pillars set by World Bank. In order to achieve the goal and objectives of proposed LICCR sub-project many of the activities will perform with the same purpose of CCCP programs. JSKS LICCR Project aiming to improve the livelihoods ensuring food security, health care, social protection through community participatory planning and protection to income, employment, health status of community peoples by enhancing their capacity to increase their resilience to the adverse effect of climate change. So LICCR proposed project is relevant to six pillars and 44 programs of BCCSAP, 2009.