Quality Inclusive Education Program (QIEP)

Education can change the life style of poverty stricken community as a pivotal ingredient or an intervention which bearing conducive objectives mentioned at Strategic Direction 1, has implemented directly by the technical support of its various programs/projects. These are under Quality Inclusive Education Program (QIEP),


JSKS has starts her journey as formal partnership with Plan International Bangladesh under Community Learning Program (CLP) from January 2005. JSKS has proved its capacity by implementing Community Learning Program from January 2005. Considering the experience JSKS has been designed and is implementing QIEP from 2015.

School Improvement Planning is the main strategy of CLP. It  focuses on supporting mainstream primary schools, particularly in their efforts to increases school readiness by offering SBK & pre-primary classes and to ensure that as boys and girls successful complete five years of schooling. It will address the issues of access, quality of learning and good governance.

Period of Diversion:

2005 From January  to December the program tread as a Learning Phase-I and based on assessment of this phase by the Plan Bangladesh program has been expanded for another two years 2006 to 2007.
2006 In this year JSKS has responsible for ECCD Implementation and pace as first learners of Basic education’s ins and out under   “Basic Learning Phase-II”.
2007 Same as 2006.
2008 Both ECCD & BE implementation phase and SIP as a Learning Phase
2009 Same as 2008
2010 Is going to shoulder up  whole CLP
2011 Based on the experience of 2010 all intervention is turn in to SIP implement the program efficiently
2012 Shoulder the Quality Primary Education Program (QPEP) independently.


Increased inclusive quality primary education completion rate and enrolling in secondary education and strengthening capacity of duty bearers towards creating access to Early Childhood Development.



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